Matt Richter

“Matt brings a lot of determination and energy to the Green Party and I’m happy to see him nominated,” said Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario. “As a party we are growing in membership and outreach and I’m proud of the record we’ve set at Queen’s Park so far, which includes passing the first green law. In 2022, I hope to have more green MPPs sitting next to me in the legislature.”

Group Bracebridge Nov 27, 2021
Matt, Mike and the green team in Bracebridge – Nov 27, 2021

Within the GPO, Matt proudly continues to hold the position of Education Critic. Matt has been advocating the forward thinking educational policies of the GPO with parents, staff, unions, boards, and students, to demonstrate that the GPO is the most logical choice to restore peace and fairness within the system.

Outside of politics, he is a teacher, owner-operator of a food production company, and father to three children with his wife Kailey.

Matt has taught for over 17 years at the Junior/Intermediate level in Muskoka . During the school year he volunteers his time coaching volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Additionally, he has made himself available to speak to students across his school board on topics of energy, environment, health, and youth goal setting. Throughout the summer months, Matt enjoys spending time camping with his family at North Tea Lake in South River, Spider Lake in Parry Sound, and Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville. He has spearheaded a Green Tour to raise awareness for the residents of Parry Sound-Muskoka of the successful efforts and accomplishments being made by local business and volunteer initiatives.

Matt resides in Port Sydney, Ontario with his wife, Kailey, and his three children, Sam, Leah, and Jake and can be reached via email at or by Twitter @MattRichterGPO.

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