May 2024

We change our behaviour through hope, not fear.” – Dr. Bonnie Simpson

  • Dr. Bonnie Simpson, professor and behavioural psychologist, set the stage at our Climate Solutions Conference, Heat Eat Grow Go Event.
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children (MMIWC) Walk 
  • Lake of Bays and Bracebridge Volunteers Host ‘Chilli and Chats with Matt’
  • Adopt a Highway Roadside Cleanup
  • Upcoming Events 
  • Green Party of Ontario Update
  • Introducing the newest Newsletter Feature -The GPO Policy Series! 
  • Greens Taking Action
  • Youth Voice

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April 20, 2024

We honoured Earth Day with a very special event called Heat Eat Grow Go in which we offered 4 panel presentations sharing expertise and personal experiences.

Dr. Bonnie Simpson, our Keynote Speaker, opened our Heat Eat Grow Go event this weekend with a look at what motivates change in our behaviours and how we can make climate friendly choices and encourage those around us to do the same.
Thank you Dr. Bonnie Simpson!

And so this Earth Week we give thanks.
Thank you to those who shared.
Thank you to those who attended.
Thank you to those who work towards finding solutions to reduce our carbon pollution.

Say hello to the new MPP for Kitchener Centre, Aislinn Clancy

I am so incredibly grateful to the Kitchener community for putting their trust in me. To every single person who supported our campaign – thank you. I’m honoured to have you behind me, and I’m ready to be your voice at Queen’s Park.

I’m so proud of my powerhouse campaign team, who have worked tirelessly over the past seven months to make this victory possible. This win was a team effort on all fronts, and I’m so grateful for everyone who poured their heart into this amazing campaign.

Now, it’s time to take our fight for better housing, childcare, transit and more to Queen’s Park as we continue to stand against Doug Ford and his destructive agenda.

Thank you, Kitchener!
Aislinn Clancy


People Power making change and bringing hope.

  • Meet our new President and executive members
  • Linda Mathers, PSM volunteer coordinator wins the Becky Smit award
  • GPO annual meeting and convention report
  • Kitchener Centre By-Election
  • Climate Action Film Festival in Huntsville, Nov. 29
  • It’s back, Double Your Impact, year end fundraising
  • Celebrate the Green Belt win. Take Action on the 413!

The Parry Sound-Muskoka Green Party of Ontario (PSMGPO) is pleased to announce that Kevin Logie has been chosen president of the riding association, succeeding Arleigh Luckett after her many years of dedicated service.

As president, Kevin will provide experienced and committed leadership. Kevin knows the riding well, having lived and worked in Bracebridge and Parry Sound. In 2022, as campaign leader in Parry Sound, Kevin was instrumental in helping Matt Richter win that town, along with Bracebridge, Huntsville and Gravenhurst, an unprecedented Green success. Because of his lifelong concern for the environment and the common good, Kevin fervently hopes that in the 2026 provincial election the Green Party will be representing Parry Sound Muskoka. 

“I am looking forward to working with the great team on the Executive and the many great Green volunteers in Parry Sound-Muskoka,” says Kevin. 

Also joining PSM Greens is Brenda Wainman, our new Membership Coordinator.  Christi Gardner, our Social Media Coordinator, has also joined the executive team.  Want to volunteer? Let us know!


Linda Mathers received the Becky Smit Party Builder Award at the 2023 GPO Annual Convention in Kitchener in September.
The award is given to someone who has shown an unwavering commitment to the Ontario Greens, working to build party capacity, credibility and electoral success. Nominator Bonnie Duits shared, “Linda motivated the team that carried Matt Richter to such a strong showing in the last provincial election – and she hasn’t let up. Linda continues to reach out, motivating the rest of us to show up, and more importantly to bring a friend when we do so. Her commitment is inspiring and she has been absolutely integral to the success that we have seen in PSM.”

GPO Annual Meeting and Convention: A team of eight members from Parry Sound-Muskoka attended the convention in Kitchener. What an inspiring event! We heard great speakers, participated in workshops and learned more about finance, election planning and the Young Greens who are expanding the Green demographics. We voted on solution-focused policies to address the growing crisis in housing, healthcare, education and especially the climate. 

Congratulations to Arleigh Luckett and Kris Rivard who were elected as our Northern Representatives. Thank you to those who sent in proxies.

President – Kevin Logie

Financial Officer – Paul Kuebler

Secretary – Lesley Hastie

Volunteer Coordinator – Linda Mathers

Membership Coordinator – Pat Kuebler

Phone Canvass Coordinator – Legh McNabb

Social Media – Christi Gardner

Members at Large – Garry Thompson, Jan Larsen

Ontario Green’s Have a Plan

Decades of neglect from successive governments has led to long wait times and inadequate funding and support. Mental health touches all of our lives and proper care should be available for everyone. Ontario Greens have a plan to make mental health care more Affordable, Accessible and Comprehensive, so that anyone in this province can get the care that they need.

In Ontario it is increasingly difficult for many people to find affordable housing options. This needs to change. We have an ambitious, practical roadmap to building livable and affordable communities where everyone has a great place to live. Our plan is based on three pillars: Connected. Affordable. Sustainable.

Climate change is a global crisis that is far-reaching and impacts every aspect of our lives in Ontario, from increasing floods, to severe storms, or record heat waves. Our climate plan provides an honest and practical roadmap to achieving net-zero. It’s a guide to an Ontario with clean energy, comfortable places to live, ways to get around, new businesses, careers and better jobs.


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