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Green volunteers join Climate Action Muskoka Day of Action to Oppose Bill 23

  • Arleigh Luckett, CA President, Wins Prestigious Lois James Legacy Award Volunteer of the Year presented at GPO AGM  
  • Take Action: Save the Greenbelt and Stop Bill 23 
  • Northern Solutions to the Climate Crisis – Nov. 30, Burks Falls                                         

Understanding Bill 23

“Ontario’s Housing Bill is Actually a Trojan Horse for Environmentally Catastrophic Rural Sprawl,” – Environmental Defence

“Bill 23 is bent on removing and weakening environmental protections and cutting out the public from meaningful involvement in land use planning and decision-making.” – Ontario Nature

“Together, the proposed legislative amendments and associated policy and regulatory changes are an extensive package; the biggest that CELA has seen in decades.” – Canadian Enviromental Law Association

Click for links to a recording of the webinar, where to get more information and tools to help you take action on this important issue!

Nov 4, 2022 – Today local Greens rallied to support education workers and oppose the abuse of power with Bill 28. More here

October 16, 2022 – Day of Action to Stop Hwy 413

October 1, 2022 – Local Greens joined Mike Schreiner and hundreds of others
for the Harvest Walk to Stop Hwy 413

If built, Highway 413 will: 

  • Pave over 2,000 acres of prime farmland
  • Bulldoze 200 acres of the Greenbelt
  • Destroy 75 wetlands
  • Pump 17.4M tonnes of carbon pollution into the air

Ontario Green’s Have a Plan

Decades of neglect from successive governments has led to long wait times and inadequate funding and support. Mental health touches all of our lives and proper care should be available for everyone. Ontario Greens have a plan to make mental health care more Affordable, Accessible and Comprehensive, so that anyone in this province can get the care that they need.

In Ontario it is increasingly difficult for many people to find affordable housing options. This needs to change. We have an ambitious, practical roadmap to building livable and affordable communities where everyone has a great place to live. Our plan is based on three pillars: Connected. Affordable. Sustainable.

Climate change is a global crisis that is far-reaching and impacts every aspect of our lives in Ontario, from increasing floods, to severe storms, or record heat waves. Our climate plan provides an honest and practical roadmap to achieving net-zero. It’s a guide to an Ontario with clean energy, comfortable places to live, ways to get around, new businesses, careers and better jobs.


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