March 2024 Newsletter

Heat Eat Grow Go
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Chili & Chat with Matt

Wow! 19 volunteers from our riding attended the online session “Lessons Learned from the Green Landslide win in Kitchener Centre”.  Parry Sound-Muskoka can be the next Green Win!

To start planning for 2026, we are hosting Chili & Chat with Matt strategy brainstorming sessions across our riding over the next few months.

Click here to join the first one in Bracebridge Sunday April 14th 5 – 7 pm

GPO Update 

By Matt Richter, Deputy Leader, Green Party of Ontario

Queen’s Park recently witnessed a doubling of the Ontario Green Party caucus with Aislinn Clancy officially being inducted as the new Member of Provincial Parliament for Kitchener Centre on Dec, 21, 2023.  Since then, Aislinn has already made a tremendous impact on advancing a more fair and democratic society, specifically with her first private members bill that was introduced on March 6th. This bill aims to protect Ontario renters by fixing the current problem that sees rent control on apartment buildings only applying to those built before 2018.  

With each day in the Legislature, people continue to see the Ontario Greens punch way above their weight.  In fact, the Ontario Greens are becoming known as the (un)official opposition.  This is especially evident when the MPP’s are in session at Queen’s Park Ontario Legislature.  I take every moment I can to watch the OLA channel to learn from MPP’s who have the privilege to present and debate.  It is both reassuring and distressing to see that Aislinn Clancy and Mike Schreiner stand out as the only MPP’s willing to respectfully and confidently work across party lines.   

The Ontario Green Party will continue to respond to issues and be proactive with solutions.  Their posts on social media and consistent press releases at should make everyone proud to be involved.  |

Youth Voice

By Brenda Wainman – Youth Engagement Coordinator

Thanks to a tip from local writer and wellness advocate, Monique Charlton (, and in celebration of our “Youth Voice” for March, I would like to share a podcast from Spiritual Ecology: Emergence Magazine, hosted by Emmanuel Vaughan Lee where he explores the wisdom of the young Irish writer, naturalist and activist Dara McAnulty who wrote “The Diary of a Young Naturalist” at age 14!  

This conversation from 2021 shows us how to “uplift joy as an essential tool in transforming our current moment.”  If you are wondering what the future might look like if we activated change from a place of care, rather than fear” then you will enjoy this podcast!

Dara is both a wise and captivating young man. And his voice is so endearing!

Did you know?

While Greens continue to press for fully funded health care,  Doug Ford and Graydon Smith have failed to deliver adequate funds to support two fully serviced hospitals. Also, nurses and PSW’s continue to struggle to find housing options they can afford leaving the healthcare sector with ongoing staffing challenges.

Underfunding public health care is a path to privatization. Speak up for the Ontario Health care you believe a caring and equitable society must provide. Check out Ontario Greens Health Care policy  Volunteer, work together, and advocate for solutions.

In the community:

Greens standing strong on Climate Action

  • Thank you to those who supported Climate Action Muskoka by attending the Huntsville General Committee meeting at the Algonquin Theatre on Feb. 28. Your support for taking climate action at the municipal level was recognized and appreciated.
  • Thanks to those who attended the very informative active transportation webinar, Cycling Tourism in the Biosphere and Beyond, offered by Georgian Bay Biosphere March 6th.  It is now available on YouTube. 
  • Watch for the Muskoka Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan coming to council on March 21. Arleigh Luckett will delegate at this meeting in support of Heat Pumps across our region.
  • Thursday April 4 at 7pm
    GOOD DAY, SUNSHINE! An Introduction to Solar Power for 45th Parallel Homes
    Whether you are planning your off-grid dream home or just wanting to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy costs, this webinar is for you. Audrey Bayens, Registered Energy Advisor, and Arleigh Luckett, a CAM member whose new rooftop solar installation is earning credits on her electricity bill, will provide an overview of how to get started. – Register Here!

International Women’s Day

  • This year we had the opportunity to sponsor a few local women to attend an amazing community event hosted by the Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce. Women from across Parry Sound-Muskoka gathered to share a meal, network, and to learn about the work being done and steps we can all take within our own communities to build each other up, fight discrimination, work toward wage parity, and to inspire inclusivity.


Greens continue to strive for an equitable, sustainable future at home here in
Parry Sound-Muskoka and across Ontario. Join the team and make a difference.

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Parry Sound Muskoka Green Party of Ontario

President – Kevin Logie
Financial Officer – Paul Kuebler
Secretary – Lesley Hastie
Volunteer Coordinator – Linda Mathers
Membership Chair – Pat Kuebler
Youth Engagement – Brenda Wainman
Phone Canvass Coordinator – Legh McNabb
Social Media, Communications – Christi Gardner
Members at Large – Garry Thompson, Jan Larsen