The Kitchener Centre by-election November 30th.

Willing to knock on doors? Join our Parry Sound Muskoka volunteers travelling to Kitchener to campaign for Aislinn Clancy.  Sunday you can join Matt Richter and family. Or, pick any day and time that works for you, bring a friend and we will find partners.

Email Linda at

Willing to join a calling party? Our calling team has already been on the phones. Let us know and we will set you up.

Email Legh at

Aislinn Clancy’s campaign has been talking to voters daily for months. Over 1500 signs are poised to go up today with the writ drop.   Maureen Balsillie, Aislinn’s  campaign manager (and ours!) says momentum is huge and they are poised to take it to a win. All hands on deck is the way to bring it home. Dozens of volunteers helped us get our near win. Let’s pay it forward.

We’re going by foot or by phone.  Join the fun!

Green win in Kitchener is a win for climate, affordable housing, public health care and the honesty and integrity we value. 

Working for a Greener future,

Your Parry Sound-Muskoka Ontario Greens.