Taking Local Action One Signature At A Time

Although the rain washed out some of our Earth Day events, it was a fantastic weekend across 5 communities, thanks to many volunteers. 

There is still time to  make a difference.

Will you collect signatures on a letter calling MPP Graydon Smith to action?  Print a copy of the attached letter/petition and collect 10 signatures before May 1. Call or email when done and we will arrange pick up or drop off so we can hand deliver to Minister Smith. Our goal is hundreds of signatures.

If you are already part of a mainstreeting or door to door signature gathering in Huntsville, Gravenhurst or Port Carling, thanks for your time and energy. If not, here’s an opportunity be part of the Yours To Protect  actions taking place across our riding this week.

Print or download the letter / petition 

Here is the text of the attached letter. 

Protect the Places We Love – a letter to Graydon Smith, MPP, Earth Day 2023

Dear Minister Smith,

We, your Parry Sound-Muskoka constituents, are alarmed by your government’s failure to protect that which protects us — our wetlands, shorelines, forests and farmlands. Our climate future depends on protecting these resources. The results we want to see are:

• protection for wetlands systems recently disqualified by Bill 23

• reinstatement of municipal site plan approvals for developments under 10 units

• an end to paving over Ontario’s farmland

For the good of the local economy and the well-being of future generations, will you commit to achieving these goals? 

Every signature sends a message.

It also reminds our friends and neighbours that we must continue to work every day to hold Ford and his government to account.


Tom, Jan and Blair plus 12 other Green volunteers did a roadside cleanup on the 5 km Adopt A HWY stretch of 118 W followed by an outdoor chili lunch. Thanks team!

Join the Letter to Graydon team.  Print your signature sheet, find a few like minded folks to sign and call or email us for petition pickup   

 lindamathers@gpo.ca       705-816-3901

You are the People Power of our Parry Sound-Muskoka Ontario Greens