Our December Newsletter

With the help of so many volunteers, donors and voters, Matt Richter made history as our Ontario Greens candidate increasing his share of the vote in June in every corner of the riding, besting the former Mayor of Bracebridge in his own backyard and in the end garnering the support of more than 40% of the voters.

I’m proud that so many of you have given financial support to our Green Party of Ontario (headquarters).  With our inspiring GPO Leader, Mike Schreiner MPP, the GPO is the only party to increase its votes across the province in the 2022 general election.

I have a modest ask.  Our riding association (CA) must do its own local fundraising to cover operational costs, action campaigns such as the recent November 26 Day of Action to Save the Greenbelt and build funds for the next election campaign. We’re asking supporters to chip in whatever you can whether that is $10 or $100.

Provincial political tax credits are a real credit against your payable tax or added to your refund. Your provincial tax credit for your local donations will be 75% for the first $437 of your total provincial political donations in 2022.

           a $50 donation costs you only $12.50
           a $100 donation costs you only $25.

 (see tax credit rates for larger amounts below).

Every dollar helps us connect with local residents to help build sustainable, resilient communities in Parry Sound-Muskoka. Your contribution will help with our 2023 outreach:

$150 rents a Community Center room for an in-person meeting such as our AGM this coming spring.
$255 buys 5000 cards for an issue campaign such as the November 26 Day of Action
$30 pays for one 30 second radio ad during the campaign

This year in addition to our local matching fund, we expect to qualify for a 50% bonus the Green Party of Ontario is offering on every dollar we raise in our end of year fundraising campaign.

With Premier Ford’s dismaying track record, it is imperative that we continue to hold him to account and push for urgently needed changes even between elections.

Questions?  Suggestions?   Please do contact me.


Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

Paul Kuebler, CFO

Parry-Sound-Muskoka GPO Constituency Association