June 3, 2022 – A Message from Matt Richter

June 3, 2022

Friends, what a wild ride it has been this election! I wanted to extend a personal thank you to every single one of you for your support throughout this entire process. We have made amazing strides in Parry Sound – Muskoka and we are really boosting the profile of the Ontario Green party.

In 2018 we had roughly 20% of the vote in PSM. This year we had more than 40%. What amazing growth!

That tells me that you want to do politics differently. The Ontario Greens are here to do just that. We will continue to hold the Ontario government to account and to do what is right with integrity and honesty.

Thank you to everyone who sported our lawn signs this past month and truly painted our riding GREEN. Our amazing team of volunteers will be out collecting signs over the next few days – we love to recycle!

Finally congratulations to our fearless leader Mike Schreiner on his landslide victory in Guelph. I just know that he will never stop fighting for a greener, better future.

We have made so many wonderful connections over this campaign. I would love if we can all keep in touch and keep the hope alive in Parry Sound – Muskoka.

Thank you, Merci, and Miigwetch.

Matt Richter