November 16th – This is incredible.

In the past month since I’ve come on board, Matt Richter and the Parry Sound Muskoka Greens have made incredible progress. We’ve been canvassing and calling into towns and areas all over the ridding, reaching over 2000 voters in the last month alone.

In my experience working on Mike Schreiner and Mike Morrice’s campaigns, as well as the many other successful Green campaigns around the country, we’ve learned that Greens need to do more than have good ideas and good work. We have to prove we can win.

And we CAN win.

This is the best shot the Greens have had in years. Without an incumbent, the opportunity to elect a progressive MPP who will hold any government accountable on issues such as climate change, affordable housing, and small business support, is within reach. This is our moment. We are ready to do the work.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

We have committed to reaching every voter in the riding before election day. We will be knocking on doors regularly and have been hosting calling parties and we will continue those through to election day.

Join our movement and together, let’s make history by electing Matt Richter as our next MPP for Parry-Sound Muskoka!

Maureen Balsillie
Campaign Manager, Matt Richter for Parry Sound – Muskoka 2022